Hatoful Boyfriend in English


Now you can play the pigeon dating sim, “Hatoful Boyfriend” in English. Nazerine did so splendid translation! Need more information or wanna play at once? Then, click here!

I’m really glad to hear some of you have already enjoyed it. I have a plan of the full version in English too.

As you know, this free version is just some kind of demo. I released the full version with much more stories last month in Japan. I hope people in foreign countries to watch them all one day. Fortunately, the great translator, Nazerine accepted an offer for it. I will supervise whole sentences too. This means some images in the game will be adjusted for English sentences.

Though we have to get much time to do it, it will be completed in January I think. I will let you know how to buy as soon as it’s settled.

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